New Patients

New Patients

First Visit

On your first visit to us, we carry a comprehensive dental examination.

  • We invite you to tell us about your dental concerns
  • We take a thorough medical and dental history
  • We examine your intra- and extra-oral soft tissue (including an oral cancer screen and a gum health assessment),  your jaw joints and bite (to assess whether the way you bite is damaging your teeth) and the hard tissue (your teeth)
  • If necessary, we take X-rays of your teeth and intra-oral photos to help us diagnose any problems
  • We may take photographs of your mouth if this aids explanation or records
  • We discuss our findings with you, explain treatment options and provide you with a quote for future treatment

Download and complete the new patient registration form before your initial appointment to expedite the registration process.


Ideally, we review records of your past dental work forwarded from previous dentists. This can be arranged at reception or you can download our form.

Any other information

We hope to make your dental visit as pleasant as possible, please let us know if there is anything we could to make it more comfortable

  • Preparation for your child’s first visit
  • Anxious patients

Get off to a fresh start

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